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Part of the Area 51 process is finding people familiar with the network model and know how other sites on our network operate. That experience is necessary in order for a new site to function properly. Reputation on Area 51 is extremely different than on other sites. You can easily get large amounts of it by just having been the person to propose the site or ...


Yes and no. Technically speaking, the proposal being deleted would mean you no longer get the reputation for anything that was on the proposal. It would all be removed the next time your reputation was recalculated, if ever. There are no special rules (e.g. 60 days, 2 upvotes) for keeping reputation permanently on Area 51. However, Area 51 does not perform ...


I guess you can do two things: Post a question in the Discussion Zone, like you did. Flag the proposal for moderator attention: Those are the standard ways on the Stack Exchange network to notify a moderator. A flag is less noise and you can be certain it will be read, because it ends up in a queue.

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