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One way we could do this is by getting more people involved. Specifically, perhaps we could reach out to content-creators who might be interested in a community like this. By having more people, we will more heads that can help think up questions. And hey, it would also help us build our base at the same time.


The term ”Content” needs to be well-defined for the proposal ”Podcast” or ”vlogging”, etc have known definitions But ”content” is a very broad term - anything from memes to blogs to corporate copy to podcasts to...


Programming languages shouldn’t be on-topic - unless there is a very specific ”content-creation-only” thing about the question at hand


I agree. Content creation would be much better for this site. First of all, this would help distinguish it from Super Users. Having a Stack Exchange for podcasting leads itself for questions that can be coverd by SU, but expanding the scope to Content Creation helps let it have questions that would be off-topic anywhere else. Second of all, as the OP said, ...


Questions about podcasting aren't entirely related to software. I just think the majority of questions for this proposal at the current moment seem to focus on this. That doesn't mean that all questions about podcasting would be about software. I think we just need to come up with better questions that are more representative of what a podcasting SE would ...


There are plenty of non-programming topics related to extended reality. For example, most questions related to user experience would be off-topic on Stack Overflow.

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