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Yes, and moreover - many of the question would involve software engineering principles, abstract algorithms, abstract data structures, programming paradigms (object-oriented, functional etc.) - all subjects which are relevant with respect to other languages as well. So even more overlap.


Honestly, when I first saw the proposal, I thought of stars and space and stuff. Now I realize that that's not it and that the title can be a little misleading, so I would suggest changing it slightly to make it clearer!


The four example questions listed provide strong motivation on why Thunder needs its own Stack Exchange site: Question: does "ether" stay the same? Since Thunder is an independent blockchain, not only does one "ether" has different utility to the holder but Thunder in fact has different terminology for the denominations where 1 wei is called 1 ...


Although ThunderCore is compatible with Ethereum EVM, it is still not Ethereum. ThunderCore will still need to build its own DApps ecosystem, and its problems may not be the same as Ethereum, and its developers are likely to encounter problems that are very different from the Ethereum ecosystem when deploying DApps. Therefore, ThunderCore still needs to ...

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