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We may consider this. I've seen this same suggestion regarding Tamil and "Sanskritic languages" before. There are others in the community that would like to support languages of the South Pacific such as Togan, Fijian, Tahitian, Hawaiian, etc. We'll take your suggestion into consideration.


I hate to sound pessimistic, but this proposal does not seem to have a chance unless it gets broadened to Sanskritic languages: Broadening the scope to: "Sanskritic Languages" 2 months is not a long time to get about 280 upvotes (56 new people using ALL 5 of their upvotes). Don't leave this to the last minute, because then there won't be time for ...


I suspect that this might be a little too broad. What about keeping the two proposals, but making them into "Sanskritic Languages" and "Dravidian Languages"? Those are the two major families of languages spoken in the Subcontinent. These families are quite different - Sanskritic languages are Indo-European languages with fusional morphology, while Dravidian ...

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