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Please do! And bring as many other native speakers as you can :-) In addition to what Glorfindel said I would like to point out that even native speakers may have specific questions: a proficient command of the language does not imply that you can make the rules of the language explicit. After all, most people are not linguists.


Yes; the language sites on Stack Exchange are full of native speakers. They tend to provide most of the answers, while non-native speakers ask the most questions, but some interesting questions about etymology or linguistic features of a language are asked by native speakers. And even questions about typical pitfalls for learners of that language, perhaps ...


The site scope should definitely include dialects wherever they are spoken. It will be difficult enough to keep the proposal/site going without excluding dialects. (I believe some previous proposal used "Dutch languages" (plural) as a title for this reason.) It may be a good idea to add Afrikaans, but be aware of the follow-up question: what ...

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