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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 807
Questions about Area 51 itself.
× 753
The Technology category includes proposals in subjects like computing, technology, gadgets, and electronics.
× 345
The Culture category includes proposals in subjects like language, religion, society, groups, and politics.
× 295
For general user discussions about Area 51. If the discussion can be covered by a different tag, consider using that tag instead.
× 291
The Science category includes proposals in subjects like the applied, natural, cognitive, formal, and social sciences.
× 242
The Life category includes proposals in subjects like home, family, education, careers, and self-improvement.
× 201
For discussing the scope of proposals.
× 170
The Recreation category includes proposals in subjects like sports, games, and hobbies.
× 135
should be used for questions relating to a new feature request for the parent site.
× 126
The Arts category includes proposals in subjects like visual art, performance art, humanities, media, literature, and music.
× 126
describe an error, flaw, failure, or fault on the Area 51 main site.
× 109
Indicates that a feature request has been implemented, a bug has been fixed, or another type of request has been processed.
× 100
The Professional category includes proposals in subjects like organizations, occupations, and vocations.
× 86
used to request support with any of the Area 51 features.
× 82
For questions related to the commitment accepted by users on proposals.
× 75
for questions concerning a proposed merging of two existing proposals into one proposal.
× 70
alert users that this topic is about discussing the definition of the site.
× 61
The Business category includes proposals in subjects like management, economics, and markets.
× 58
collect language-related proposals, i.e. for creating new non-English sites
× 54
for questions about the private beta phase of a site's life cycle
× 49
Meta questions about where to ask a specific question within the series of Stack-Exchange sites (when a matching site cannot be found)
× 44
helps to identify possible duplicate proposals.
× 42
for questions/issues about reputation points.
× 41
for questions concerning proposals that have been closed.
× 39
for discussions about an appropriate name for a proposal.
× 36
For questions about the public beta stage when sites first goes public.
× 35
for discussions relating to the description of a proposal
× 31
for questions about closing either questions or proposals
× 30
for questions about proposals that have been deleted.
× 27
For questions about promoting your proposal.
× 21
for questions about target audiences for your proposal
× 21
alert users that the topic discussed is part of a proposal that is still in the definition phase.
× 18
for questions about a launch of a proposal
× 18
actually due to the existing design of the system and is not considered erroneous behaviour.
× 18
For questions related to proposals in Arabic.