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I'd be happy if such a site could take off. My experiences with the last two or three Arabic proposals (after closure of the Beta) were really disappointing. It seems either the community has resigned or the criteria for launching the site have become harder and harder which seems unfair, as many sites that were launched earlier have by now reached a status ...


Nice to know the reasons for the failure. One of the reasons given by @nike is lack of 'reputation'. In that case, I recommend that volunteers actively start participating in stackoverflow in some other topic on stackexchange and build the reputation. I realized only today that it is not that difficult to build reputation, if you take 20-30 minutes for few ...


There is already a proposal for Dravidian and Sanskritic Languages in the definition stage and Telugu being a Dravidian language is on-topic there. You have already started following that proposal and just need to ask example questions there to help that site define.


There is currently a proposal for Dravidian and Sanskritic Languages which includes Bengali in its scope. The proposal got some early strong support but appears to be flagging. Support the proposal if you want to have a site where you can ask and answer about Bengali!

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