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Yes, those questions are very on-topic. Simple clear-text distillations of complex ideas is one of the things that Stack Exchange excels at. "How should I interpret a sign which says...?" or "is X considered a drone in this country/state...? or "is there legal precedence in country X for the application of regulation Y" are all perfect versions of easy ...


Good question, especially in a time when new and confusing regulations are being drafted by the day. I'm thinking yes. As long as it is prefaced by the disclaimer that this forum isn't responsible for legal trouble, I see little reason why it shouldn't be on-topic.


We may consider this. I've seen this same suggestion regarding Tamil and "Sanskritic languages" before. There are others in the community that would like to support languages of the South Pacific such as Togan, Fijian, Tahitian, Hawaiian, etc. We'll take your suggestion into consideration.


This is a good question. Rather than answering each part piecemeal, I think it's helpful to set up a comparison to Robotics alone. Robotics (for general automation and control questions) This is SE's catch-all for everything automated. The robotics field is so huge, it can arguably cover washing machines, elevators, coffee pots, and all of commercial ...


When the distribution is sufficiently different from mainstream Linux that users of Unix & Linux are unlikely to be able to help answer questions about it. For example, the only Android Linux questions you're likely to get answers to on U&L are those related to the inner workings of the operating system.


Area 51 is currently accepting proposals for subjects not already covered by our existing communities. Ask Ubuntu was launched before the broader Linux site, so we did not have a site on that subject. We do not split off individual tags simply to give a topic its own space, so we would not be interested in creating sites for distros already covered under ...

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