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The reason why this requirement exists is so that at least a sizable proportion of the early site contributors have experience in the Stack Exchange model, not just in the topic. Having at least some of the contributors be experienced in the Stack Exchange model is so that they can help uphold the core Q&A values of Stack Exchange: if all of the early ...


Unfortunately, Mr. Cartaino was let go earlier this week, along with another CM. It seems some downsizing has occured. This is going to make this even more difficult if we have to work around the stated requirements. My best advice would be to reach out to the 3d printing community, as it has the most crossover with us, and ask that prominent members of ...


When the distribution is sufficiently different from mainstream Linux that users of Unix & Linux are unlikely to be able to help answer questions about it. For example, the only Android Linux questions you're likely to get answers to on U&L are those related to the inner workings of the operating system.

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