Kali's on-topic at Unix.SE, Super User, and Security.SE What makes you think it deserves its own Q&A site?


I don't think a dedicated Kali Linux site will be viable. Experienced users will be able to get answers they need on sites such as Security.SE and Unix.SE, while beginners generally picked the wrong distro for what they're trying to do.


Questions about culture bias/differences are already on-topic on existing SE sites. Depending on the situation and specific topic, these can be asked on: Travel has cultural-awareness tag. Workplace has culture tag. Interpesonal Skills has cross-culture tag.


Rhetorical question: Why do you need others to participate any more? If there is no interest, if people just don't have questions to ask, then there is probably just no need for this proposed site. That's the most honest feedback you can get. I don't see any useful purpose in pushing a proposal artificially.

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