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Why do they downvote questions like these?

I've seen (and criticized) downvotes on questions that don't seem to deserve it. How do you explain that questions that ask about the operation of the site or why their proposals were rejected were ...
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Should people have to comment on why they downvoted?

Should people comment the reason for their downvote due to some people will do it just to try to reduce the reputation of others as sort of ¨Keying a car¨ and those others have to try to build their ...
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Is Area 51 somehow like a per-site meta?

Is Area 51 somehow like a per-site meta? I haven't lost any reputation here, even though I have some down-voted questions here.
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Should I ask off-topic questions?

From FAQ of Area 51: Off-topic questions are important, too If you have a good, useful question in mind, but aren't completely sure that it's on topic, ask it anyway; others can then discuss the ...
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Would Area51 Be More Effective Without Down Votes?

NOTE: I have seen other similar questions, but they weren't clear or informative, with no clear direction of what they were trying to achieve. This question is also a different spin to some degree. ...
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Does Area 51 have quality bans?

Many people know about the question and answer bans that are active on most sites. Are there similar bans active on Area 51 or Area 51 Discussion Zone? For example is there a: Proposal Ban for ...
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Why is there no per user limitation for down vote at the definition phase?

It seems quite normal to have a per user limitation of the up votes for each proposal (max: 5 up votes). But, I wonder why there is no symmetric per user limitation for the down votes. Right now, a ...
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Hypothetically, what if you fall below 25 rep?

If a user is frequently downvoted and falls below 25 rep, the requirement for posting example questions and the lowest privilege, how can he or she re-earn that privilege?
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Is there a question ban here in Area 51?

Stack Overflow is famous for its question ban, automatically imposed when enough questions get enough downvotes, usually closed and deleted as well. Is there something like that here on Area 51? ...
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Should people who don't approve of a proposal downvote example questions?

Is downvoting a question in a proposal you don't like a valid way of expressing your objection to that proposal? It seems to me that the quality of the question should be judged separately from the ...
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Can one person derail a site proposal on Area51?

There have been multiple discussions about down votes (examples 1, 2 ) I have argued that supports of a proposal should ignore malicious down votes but recent events indicate that one person with ...
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Should the down vote limit be the same as the up vote limit?

Currently there is no limit to the number of down votes one person can cast. A similar question was asked at meta and closed there to be asked here. There is a comment saying the question was posted ...
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Why do we lose rep when we're downvoted?

Why do we lose reputation when someone downvotes one of our example questions? From my point of view (as a very inexperienced Area 51 user), the point of posting example questions is to establish the ...
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Specify the reasons for your downvotes

Proposal: Hinduism There are many valid questions down-voted with no possible reasons. So, when down-voting a question, please do comment about your reason to down-vote the question. This will help ...
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Rationale for

Proposal: Other It seems rather often, and to the chagrin of many loyal Stack Exchange users and the entire community, that some questions have no place to go. See What happened to "What real ...
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There seems to be no limit on the number of downvotes one can make on a proposals's questions

Users can only upvote five questions per proposal on Area 51, as is well known. It is probably less well known that you don't have to have followed a proposal to upvote or even propose questions. ...
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