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Another former employee showing on moderator list

This seems to be a regression of​; right now, Stack Overflow co-founder Joel Spolsky, who is no longer an employee, is a ♦ moderator on this site. ...
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Robert Cartaino's flair says he's a moderator on 3 other sites, but he isn't [duplicate]

Robert Cartaino's flair, displayed e.g. here, says he's a ♦ moderator on three other sites in the network: He isn't anymore since the beginning of this year, so it looks like this is some kind of ...
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Is anybody out there?

The area51 list of moderators shows up as blank. Is anybody still moderating? See also: Thank you, Robert Cartaino.
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Why were these questions closed in Defintion?

I have spent four long months building up the Hashgraph proposal. I have been active in their Telegram and Discord channels, tweeted and retweeted about it, posted on their official website, and have ...
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How can I be more helpful on Area 51?

I need to find some ways on being a more helpful user on Area 51. I am basically someone who mainly likes to do moderation stuff like flagging and reviewing, which can't happen on the site because ...
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Does Area 51 have quality bans?

Many people know about the question and answer bans that are active on most sites. Are there similar bans active on Area 51 or Area 51 Discussion Zone? For example is there a: Proposal Ban for ...
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Editorial line for a new Q&A site

I am considering using a SE site as an alternative to a scientific journal publication for short results, since it has the advantage of allowing an active feedback from the community. However, I ...
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Can we have a Physical Science SE for people with low quality physics questions?

I have many questions dealing with Physics, but these questions were considered low quality contributions by Physics SE. I got my account suspended by them for 30 days on Christmas and when I was let ...
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Are you a mod if your site finishes all stages? [duplicate]

Do you automatically become a mod in the private beta or in the full launch if you created the proposal? Or do you have to be elected in?
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Asking open ended questions while still complying to SE guidelines

Proposal: Computer Graphics A lot of potentially very interesting questions are closed as subjective or out of topic on Stack Exchange, including some popular "historical" ones. This trend has spawn ...
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Will there be moderation on the question or content before being posted publicly?

Proposal: Health Will there be moderation before posting a question in order to avoid publishing non-complying content?
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I'd like to make a moderator nomination [closed]

Proposal: Embedded Systems Folks, I have a feeling that EP&D is not far from launching the beta. After the launch, we will be looking for the initial crew of moderators. I would like to ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Where did the 'close' link go?

We recently removed the 'close' link from proposals, preferring instead that users simply 'flag' proposals that have to be closed/removed for egregious problems. Why did we do this? My initial ...
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44 votes
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Why should any of us contribute when Stack Exchange will throw away our work without consulting us?

NOTICE: Since this site is now in beta, it is time to have these conversations with the folks who are actually building this site. Please bring your comments and discussions to this site's 'meta' ...
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The Software Recommendations site will be a nightmare to moderate

Proposal: Software Recommendations One of the main reasons that asking for product recommendations on the SE network is prohibited is because of the possibiilty that it is very easy to spam these ...
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Why was the name Moderators chosen instead of Community Managers?

I don't necessarily disagree, but I'm curious. Community Manager seems to me to be a broader term that can involve moderation. In this context, I think the word moderator has been used online much ...
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how site moderator works for newly proposed stack site?

If I proposed a new stack site ,will I be kept as the site owner even after the site being launched from beta state ? How can moderators be added to this proposed site ?
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Could the moderators please do research or give an explaination?

I understand the need to remove duplicate proposals. But do the moderators do research when they say that it is a duplicate of another. I have been looking over this for a few hours today becasue mine ...
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Shouldn't site notes be more objective?

The proposal Not Programming Related has the following note at the top: Note that the scope and purpose of this proposal changed DRASTICALLY during the beta. Along with the name. You should still ...
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