There have been multiple discussions about down votes (examples 1, 2 ) I have argued that supports of a proposal should ignore malicious down votes but recent events indicate that one person with multiple accounts can go unnoticed unless blatantly obvious.

When I counted on August 3, 2014 the Pastafarianism proposal had 273 down votes, this is nearly three quarters of the required 400 votes to move a proposal from Definition to Commitment phase.

Given that we have a proposal that is being silently attacked by one or more down voters, in what seems to be a clear attempt to prevent phase completion, and we have evidence that up to seven accounts can be quietly puppet mastered; Can one person derail a site proposal on Area51?

  • You give evidence of it happening; the answer seems to already come out to be 'yes'.
    – JDong
    Aug 16, 2014 at 20:47
  • I guess the SE team are the only ones who can really answer this, as they would/should be able to detect such abuse. (That is, unless they’re exclusively trusting on the fact that we’ll report suspicious happenings like the one you’re describing… which I honestly hope not to be the case, as we aren’t able to see as much information/evidence about “account activity” as the SE team has available. Meaning: puppet mastered accounts are harder for us to detect and prove than it would be for the SE team, so I sure hope they also keep an eye on things.)
    – e-sushi
    Aug 18, 2014 at 6:35


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