It seems quite normal to have a per user limitation of the up votes for each proposal (max: 5 up votes). But, I wonder why there is no symmetric per user limitation for the down votes.

Right now, a single user which want to act against a proposal has much more power than the one wanting to open it.

I guess that his rule is intended, but I would like to know what were the underlying arguments for it.

Here is a list of questions related to this issue (but I did not find any convincing arguments in it):

My opinion is that this mechanism is intended to be a self-regulation mechanism to give more weight on the negative advices than the positive in order to avoid proliferation of successful proposal. Is it right ?

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    If a site proposal has enough active detractors that supporters can't overcome the down-votes, maybe that is an indicator that it's not a very strong proposal. It doesn't take as many folks to disrupt a community as it takes to make it nice.
    – ColleenV
    Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 6:29

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Nope, that is not right. Not sure if the related comments are still around, but previous comments by SE Staff indicate they just don't care enough to address it.

Most believe it is not significant,

In theory it will be corrected in Area 52 which is currently not under development

I am over simplifying and being slightly down cast in my wording, because this is an old sore subject. In reality it really is not that big of a deal, there are several tools in place that address miss use. And it probably is not an easy fix.

It is what is because that is the way it has been, and it ain't getting changed anytime soon.

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