Many people know about the question and answer bans that are active on most sites.

Are there similar bans active on Area 51 or Area 51 Discussion Zone?

For example is there a:

  • Proposal Ban for proposing too many proposals that don't make it
  • Example Question Ban for having too many of your example questions for proposals downvoted, closed, or deleted
  • Question and/or Answer Ban on Area 51 Discussion Zone (area51.meta.stackexchange.com) for having too many questions and/or answers that are poorly received

My inspiration for asking this question is observing that I have proposed a fairly large number of example questions on proposals that ended up getting deleted, and I was wondering if having so many "deleted questions" is likely to haunt me in the future. I've also proposed a site in the past that didn't survive to Beta, and have been considering proposing another "longshot" idea (though, one that might, in fact, be useful), but concerned that doing that might lead to being blocked from proposing any more sites.

I did find this question here : Is there a question ban here in Area 51? , but it is several years old and the answerer admits that they aren't exactly sure of the extent of quality bans, if any. I'm also asking a slightly broader question as to whether or not any quality ban systems exist, not just ones specifically related to questions.

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Question and answer blocking was not implemented in the proposal process, and there are no plans to do so; it doesn't really make sense in that context (not without significant re-engineering). The "Discussion Zone" is actually a meta support site, so post bans are either turned off or set so high that it would be exceedingly difficult to trigger "accidentally". I don't believe we've enabled question blocking on any per-site meta, so that is almost certainly the case here.

Regarding the proposal of "long shots": If you read through the Changes to the Area 51 process, we now ask proposal authors to identify where they will be organizing their effort. Proposals posted with vague or unsubstantiated claims of support will likely be closed. I'm not anticipating any problems beyond that, but if a user continually ignores or hand-waves off the need to find a community by submitting proposal after proposal with little-to-no follow-through, the solution could be to simply block them from proposing more subjects. Beyond that edge case, I don't foresee that type of automated ban in the works.


Kind of, if you collect a lot of down votes you can lose abilities.

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