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Respectfully, as a newcomer to SE, I'm asking whether observations by current members of high reputation and standing, such as (paraphrased) "Of limited interest b/c a commercial product" or "possible duplicate of Webmaster" are a routine kind of "hazing," meant to challenge the commitment and character of applicants for any new focus group, as it were. Whatever the case, are we supposed to take up verbal arms to defend our position, and reassert that we are engaged in a worthwhile enterprize that will be of value to a growing number, and a credit to the larger SE community as a whole--which we firmly believe!--or, are we to let these Uber-commments accumulate unanswered, in a fashion similar to the refining of the questions themselves, which, as we've been taught, is appropriate to the early stages of our application wet Statamic within Area 51? Hey--we're just a bunch of well-intentioned folks who want to do the right thing. So, authoritative advice in this aspect of the matter at hand would be appreciated. TIA.

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There are no "expert site creators" in Stack Exchange. Reputation for previous activity in Area 51 isn't quite as apt as you might find in one of our Q&A sites. But it does allow more-experienced users to perform various types of maintenance and editing tasks; however, those duties do not include handing down summary judgements about viable ideas.

Deciding whether the subject is already well-covered elsewhere is part of the process. Typically, we'll let the 'example questions' determine the scope of the site, but if the author simply missed an obvious duplicate (or any of the other closeable reasons), the community can close the site summarily to save everyone the misguided effort.

That doesn't seem to be the case here.

Overzealous close-votes aside, unless an idea is completely untenable, it will be allowed to continue. Sometimes folks are simply raising discussion points to consider, but they don't necessarily have a hand in getting the site created. Ultimately, it's up to the community that is going to be using the site to gather the support needed to turn this idea into a site.

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