I know of the standard 151 reputation score to be earned on Area 51, but I'm not sure how you earn reputation above that. I know you can gain badges through various tasks (as with the other Stack Exchange sites), but since questions appear to go through to the Discussion site (and they don't affect the reputation on Area 51), I don't see how you can earn rep on Area 51 itself.

Is it possible to earn reputation points on Area 51's main site, as with other Stack Exchange sites? If so, how is it earned if not through questions on the Discussion site?

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Reputation on Area 51 is earned through proposals, commitments, example questions and referrals. It is explained near the bottom of the FAQ.

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    I'm sure I read that part of the FAQ and didn't see that section. Clearly wasn't looking hard enough. Cheers. Commented Jan 27, 2012 at 20:11

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