Proposal: Tridion

When I look through the list of committers I see an inconsistancy in the number of committers with 200+ rep on any other site. It clearly shows 24 of them (as is also currently listed in the score), but when I look a bit further I see a few more which are not accounted for.

Users like: user978511, Vivek Ayer, muzimil, Henrique Miranda, Syg, Quirijn and Mihai all have 200+ reputation on Stack Overflow or others, yet we seem to be stuck on 24 and not the 31 I count right now.

How long does it take for the commitment score to be updated so that it shows all users reputation correctly?


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I think it was indeed related to some indexes not being updated in time, as of today all the mentioned users have their reputation clearly visible and we made a jump from 24 to 31.


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