I am new to Area 51, and understand that it is a Stack Exchange site. I am also aware that if you earn 200 reputation on any Stack Exchange site, you would automatically earn a 100 reputation bonus on any other site you are registered in or register to in order to get past basic new user restrictions. Does this apply to Area 51 as well; i.e. I earn 200 reputation on Area 51 (excluding meta), I earn the 100 reputation association bonus on Stack Overflow, SuperUser, etc? I have read the FAQs and there is mention that you would earn the association bonus on Area 51 if you have 200 reputation on any other Stack Exchange site, but I would like to know if the reverse is true as well?

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No you won't get the association bonus on other sites because of your area 51 reputation. You can read the question No association bonus for Area51? on the overall meta site for the network that explains it's because it doesn't indicate knowledge of the operation of the main Q&A sites.

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