Proposal: Bioinformatics

Why I can't upvote any question in this Area51 proposal?

Whenever I trying to upvote a question; I'm getting a flashcard but that doesn't tell anything about the questions could be upvoted or not.

Here is a screenshot of that flashcard below



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The proposal has reached Commitment. You can't do anything to the questions now - those questions were for defining the scope of the proposal - that's why it's the Definition stage (orange).

Now it's in the Commitment stage (green). This is where we check if there are enough users who are committed to participating in the site when it launches. Since the scope has already been decided, in the Definition (orange) stage, you can't vote on the questions anymore.

Once you have enough people committed, it'll move to the Beta (blue) stage. There, you'll be able to ask/answer/comment on/vote on/everything on real questions on the site.

This is not a ; it's .

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