(Somewhat related: Proposers should have to come up with five example questions before the proposal goes live)

I'm not trying to be rude. I'm only asking (and I suppose, requesting) because this recent proposal (WolframAlpha) seems more like spam than anything else. The one who made this proposal only posted up one example question, and that question is something that can be asked on the search engine site that is WolframAlpha.

There is someone who posted up a question about the proposal (What Kind of questions would be asked here?). I think the title of the question says a lot more than the actual proposal itself. It is unclear as to what this proposal exactly is about and I believe that the unregistered user is just soliciting another site. All of those questions (from the one example question) would be considered 'General Reference'. (This has been pointed out by the question about the proposal.)

Getting on to what (and why) I'm requesting: This unregistered user (I'm guessing) validated an email (or did a lot of something else) to get the rep up to propose a site and abused the privilege to (what I believe to be) spam.

Either Area 51 should raise rep requirements for unregistered users to make proposals or Area 51 should require the user to be registered.

Again, I'm not trying to be rude. I know SE is about encouraging all users in participating. However, I feel as if, since Area 51 is about creating new SE sites, that a little more should be expected from its users (such as the users being registered to make proposals and perhaps registered to commit to a proposed site. Otherwise, one could claim there are multiple users on his/her computer and can create different unregistered users to push along the proposed site -- Its not difficult to create multiple email accounts either. Thankfully, this last tidbit isn't the case, but it could still happen.).

(The related question is more tied with "What kind of questions would be asked here?" to help with my explanation. And yes, I'm aware of the moderator answer and the moderator tag to the related question.)

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Area 51 is full of ideas, and the vast majority of them will never become sites. That's okay. That is exactly what the Area 51 process is designed to determine. If you don't care for a particular idea, don't support it. Without support, it wont become a site.

There are plenty of proposals in support of specific products — I'm not seeing a case for blatant spam and no one has flagged the proposal for improprieties. This idea has (currently) two followers and no question development to speak of. If this proposal gets no support, it will be removed as part of the abandoned proposal process.

Long story short, it takes a lot of support and coordination to create a site. Its not accomplished by accident, and you don't sneak a site through as spam. So I don't see any gains to be had by adding an artificial barrier for restriction sake. The process (even in this case) is working exactly as designed.

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain.
    – Souta
    Oct 31, 2012 at 2:13

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