Proposal: The Great Outdoors

We should add mountaineering, rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking so that as many outdoor pursuits as possible fit into the site at least to get it going.

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Proposed Q&A site for people who love camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, and other excursions of outdoorsmanship.

You can't possibly list everything, and other excursions of outdoorsmanship seems to cover what you mention pretty well. I see no problem with it as-is :)

Edit: If you mean integrating other proposals, could you link to them?


We are included with Rock Climbing and Mountaineering. Snowboarding and Mountain Biking, well, I doubt we'd turn away questions if they were asked, but there is a Biking site, and the fitness site, which might address some of those as well. Not that we can't include multiple topics, but...


Rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, sea kayaking and back country snow sports are quite technical topics which I feel would be well served by intermixing within this forum.

Although separate disciplines the user community between each overlaps significantly and many contributors will have much to offer within a consolidated Q&A hub. As someone who is avid in these activities I would find a single source of information much more valuable both as a contributor and learner.

The great outdoors is a very broad topic, if the suggestion here is to limit the conversation to camping/hiking the result will be site with far less gravity.

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