I am considering proposing a site for gaming theory, that would include all aspects of gambling related to game play. (it would not include video games, board games etc., just casino games). There is a Poker site all ready, poker is perhaps the largest context in which gaming theory is discussed. However in poker asking about another game would generally be considered off topic. In other words poker would fit rather neatly into gaming theory.

The poker site would be a great starting point for Gaming theory, nothing there would be off topic. The closest thing I see in here about doing something like that is a merger, but since gaming theory does not exist how would one go about such a proposal?

Do I start just making an informal proposal at poker?

Do I make a formal proposal here and solicit at poker to merge with the proposal?

Poker is in beta, do I lobby to change poker to something larger? If so is it possible to change the title, and scope of context?

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I would just propose the site to see if there is any interest in it it all. The description and example questions will help describe the scope of questions you have in mind.

Worrying about how a poker site fits into this is a non-issue at this point. You haven't defined or established any interest in a gaming theory community yet. You can't really go to an established community and just say let's be something else. You have to build up a community interested in the subject first.

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