Proposal: Computer Graphics

As of right now, the list of topics for this proposal stands as:

  • image processing
  • computational geometry and topology
  • ray tracing technologies
  • graphics libraries
  • gpgpu
  • specific graphics cards questions
  • performance related questions

These topics, while good, are distinctly lacking in some traditional graphics topics. My question is whether or not these topics are in addition to whatever your standard graphics topics are, or whether or not this is a list of some of the example topics to be asked on this site.

In any case, there should be a list of 'on topic' graphics algorithms that may be more relevant for "computer graphics" to add into the topics list:

  • rendering (radiometry, photometry, etc)
  • spatial acceleration structures (BVH, K-D trees, etc)
  • mesh processing
  • asset representation (triangle strips vs triangle fans, mesh and texture compression, etc)
  • intersection queries (torus intersect frustum?)
  • graphics pipeline questions

That being said, it might be better to simplify the description of the site to be something along the lines of "Algorithms and hardware used in the creation of digital images"

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    Personally I'd like to add to the list "procedural generation" (of graphics)... I also added a question to that effect earlier today. But in any case, I think this list is growing too long for the site description... I guess that's rather something to go into the FAQ when the site goes into beta. Whereas now the proposed questions should serve to show what's on topic and what isn't. (And maybe this very discussion thread as well.) Aug 2, 2014 at 18:30

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I think all the topics you've listed in your question are great topics for the site. However, as far as the site description goes (the paragraph that appears under the name of the site), I don't think we need to exhaustively list every subtopic that we could conceivably get a question about.

Rather, the site description should be concerned with making clear that this is fundamentally a programming site, as opposed to a site about art or design. We want questions that you'd encounter in the course of coding a renderer, basically. (Either a 2D or 3D renderer. Either real-time or offline. Either running on a GPU or not. Creating either photorealistic images or non-photorealistic ones, etc.)

What wouldn't be on-topic, for instance, would be questions about how to use 3D modeling tools, or how to create a skybox in Photoshop, or how to select a color palette for lighting a scene. Added to that, I guess we probably would not want questions about how to use specific 3D engines, e.g. "how can I increase shadow quality in Unity/UE4/whatever". (Maybe I'm wrong about that, but I don't consider such questions very interesting, and I think they belong on an engine-specific community site.)

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