Proposal: Cardano

Not sure what this proposal should cover. Stake pools, coding with specific Cardano ecosystem components, what else?

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There are many topics relevant to cardano. When looking at existing questions, it becomes clear that those are mostly development-related, simply due to the technology related exchanges they are posted on.

When looking at other websites and communities we see that many questions are less development-related, yet still technical in nature. Due to the lower quality than on a stack exchange, these platforms are usually riddled with duplicates, bad questions and missing answers.

We need a space like stack exchange that provides a good overview over asked questions and their answers for passive participants, as well as typical stack exchange tools to maintain a high quality of posted questions. Relevant topics could be for example:

  • integration of cardano into existing and new projects
  • questions regarding the "inner workings" of cardanos protocols and algorithms
  • staking and delegating
  • wallets
  • understanding the cardanos philosophy
  • how to interact with the blockchain (gui, cli, api)
  • understanding the cardano ecosystem
  • oracles

I think the cardano stack exchange should be a place for both developers and participants of the network. It is difficult for both groups to find the information they are looking for, which becomes evident when looking into the subreddit and forum.

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    agreed, we shouldn't limit to much on questions that can be asked here
    – jumper85
    Commented Apr 5, 2021 at 11:59

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