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For those who are new to stackexchange, is there a good place to go find out more?

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StackOverflow is the largest stack exchange site and has a 'meta' site - ie a place to discuss 'discussing. There is a faq on the meta site that covers a broad range of topics applicable to any stack exchange site.

https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/7931/faq-for-stack-exchange-sites is an excellent place to start.


The FAQ link at the top of any page on any Stack Exchange site gives you instructions that come from a common template, but each site gets to customize it to their liking. We'll get to customize ours once we get to Beta, and will be able to direct newbies to read that. e.g.: https://stackoverflow.com/faq

The "about" link at the top of www.stackexchange.com tells you what Stack Exchange is about: http://stackexchange.com/about

And if you want to look behind the scenes at Stack Exchange, check out their blog: http://blog.stackexchange.com/

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