I know there is already a similar discussion here, but seeing that discussion led me make a more to-the-point proposal:

Remove "focus on K-12 teachers and parents" from the description.

Drawbacks of having it:

  • confusing (K-12 meaningless in most countries)
  • will chase away some participiants (me, for example)

Advantages of having it:

(None, according to the other discussion.) If you know of a good reason to narrow the focus to only one aspect of education, please don't hold back. Otherwise, we should really get rid of that part of the description if we want this proposal to get more traction.

Proposal: Computer Science Educators


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When this proposal underwent a final review, the description was updated in preparation for the initial launch. Somehow it simply did not make it out to the proposal.

  • Oh great! Thank you for fixing it!
    – vacip
    Jan 19, 2017 at 14:28

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