Proposal: Ethereum

How can we measure whether Ethereum as a technology is "picking up" or slowly losing relevance? - Number of individual accounts? - Number of smart contract? - Overall hashrate?

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    Aaah ok, sorry I thought I was asking a question, not creating a discussion. Thanks for the guidance!
    – Thibaut
    Aug 11 '15 at 15:57

I think Overall hashrate would be the best measure. To increase hashrate people must actively dedicate hardware and time, and it therefor acts as a rough count of the number of people involved, weighted by how involved they are. In contrast to the other two options you proposed:

  • Number of individual accounts: This rises as ethereum becomes more popular, but does not decline if it becomes less popular. Also creating an account involves almost no effort past installing; These people have shown some interest but aren't neccesarily dedicated yet

  • Number of smart contracts: This can be affected by too many things, as one person making a million contracts can certainly skew your results.

All in all, I believe the overall hashrate would be the best objective measure here.

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