Proposal: Arts and Crafts

From here: http://www.visual-arts-cork.com/art-types.htm

Basic Definitions of Art

• Art: Definition and Meaning
The meaning of beauty and art is explored in the branch of philosophy called aesthetics. For more definitions, see the following:
• Fine Art
Includes: drawing, painting, sculpture and **printmaking**.
• Visual Art
Includes: fine arts, **certain contemporary arts (eg. installation, performance)** and decorative arts.
• Decorative Art
Broadly synonymous with crafts. See also: Arts and Crafts Movement.
• Applied Art
Includes: **architecture**, **industrial-design**, **fashion/furnishings-design**, **interior-design** etc.
• Crafts
Broadly synonymous with decorative arts.

I have highlighted (like this ** xyz **) those arts which aren't currently listed in the description of this site.

Should they be included?

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The following is just my opinion. Hopefully others will chime in.

Printmaking - Yes.

Certain contemporary arts - Depends. If it involves creating something maybe it should. I don't think it should include performance arts, which already has its own separate proposal. For example, a question on how to make a prop or set piece for a play may be on topic but a question on how to project your voice would not.

Architecture - No. It does involve making something but to me it implies projects on a much larger scale than what's implied by Arts & Crafts.

Industrial design - No. I don't know much about it but this:

Its key characteristic is that design is separated from manufacture

Leads me to think that it shouldn't since it isn't about the actual creation of an item.

Fashion - Depends on the question. I'd think anything fashion related that would be on topic would either already fall under an already named art, like sewing or knitting, or some kind of "making", like belt-making or shoe-making. I think someone asking for help on how to put in an exposed zipper would be on topic but I don't think someone asking who made exposed zippers popular should be.

Furnishings Design - The creation of furniture is definitely on topic. This should include questions on metal and glass works, which aren't explicitly mentioned in the proposal description (well, stained glass is).

Interior Design - No. It feels to far away from the actual creation of things. Seems like it should be a separate proposal.

TL;DR: Anything that isn't about the creation of things or imply a large scale commercial enterprise should be left out of the scope of the proposal. The existing questions lead me to believe this is the direction most people want/expect the proposal to go in.

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    with great difficulty I have added the 3 crafts you mentioned in the topic body. the problem is the lack of provided space. I had to delete many words from the body of topic to include these 3. Apr 16, 2015 at 5:03

With respect to Architecture I've floated a proposal for a separate site: Architecture

Please contribute to building it if you're interested.

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