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Looking at the example questions, there's a lot of mechanical how-to and tools use and not as much as I was expecting on the, for want of a better word, artistry side of things, like composition and aesthetics - the qualitative stuff, skills and techniques that aren't specific to one tool or craft.

Is this a deliberate choice or did the example questions just go that way?

Over at the graphic design site (which also includes graphic arts, illustration, digital painting etc), we encourage both types of questions and have quite a few good drawing questions along these lines.

Would questions like these be welcome here:

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Your questions are about learning how to draw. If you are not allowed to learn them on Arts and Crafts site, that would be a shame.

Those were not in example questions probably because people interested in drawing are in minority here and also we are only allowed 5 questions per person. Many of the drawing and painting questions were imported from the site's previous version (only focused on arts) which died an immature death (couldn't reach the commitment stage).

Your questions are welcome here.

IMO, drawing is not about moving pencil on paper. It is about knowing why and how to move the pencil.

So, yes, IMO, ideas regarding composition techniques should be allowed to be asked and answered in a "good subjective" way.

  • They're not exclusively drawing based, e.g. one uses graphic layouts as its example materials and one uses a photograph. Most could apply to most media. It's more the abstract-ness I want to check is allowed, rather than specificity to drawing Jul 24, 2015 at 1:10
  • @user568458 I still think they should be on topic. On this site, ideas pertaining to drawing should be allowed to be discussed in a "good subjective" way. Jul 24, 2015 at 2:01

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