Proposal: Operating Systems

I think this would be a good site for questions about OS apis in general. Also I want to learn about the equivalent functions in Lynux of the Windows Api functions like CreateWindow, SendMessage, CreateDC (learning this Api makes you learn how Windows manages graphics in memory), BitBlt, etc, and how the equivalent in Linux of the Windows Message Loop is implemented. As a Windows programmer I became rather curious how this stuff works in Linux.

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How to design and implement OS APIs is on-topic. How to use OS APIs is off-topic — that's application programming.

A question about finding the right Linux OSAPI to create a window, send a message, etc. already fits just fine on Stack Overflow.


I think that questions on how the way API's and other functions are implemented (like is said) is a good idea, but I also think that how to use the APIs in someone's code is suited for StackOverflow.

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