Proposal: E-books and E-book Readers

This is more a devil's advocate question than anything else. I've brought this proposal up in a few chat rooms around the network and I got a couple of dismissive comments (paraphrased):

Really? Are e-readers so complicated that they need a whole site?


My Kindle just works. I can't imagine having a problem with it that would make me look around on the internet for a solution. How is that site going to get enough questions?

Now I've asked 5 questions and have another 5 or so lined up if and when the site goes live. But then what? Are there going to be enough questions for this site to thrive in the long term?

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I think this site is not just about physical e-book readers

E-book publishing is included so maybe book publishers might be interested in starting a discussion

Also there is e-book reading apps, which covers a broad range of OS'es so questions about compatibility, configuration will likely fall to this site

Also as e-book readers becomes more advance, cheaper, and "general purpose", more might ask questions regarding the capability of their device

Just my opinion though


I believe so, yes. There will always be questions along the line of How can I convert a Word document into an e-book?, for other products (particularly Scrivener) and new versions of them. Items like Will the ads on the Kindle with Special Offers affect my battery life? will vary as Amazon and such come up with new schemes and functionality. And I strongly suspect that eBooks will evolve over time to include audio, video, mini-games, interactive fiction, and other gimmicks... er, functionalities.

Now, will there be enough new questions coming in fast enough to support a critical mass? I'm not sure about that, but I think it's worth finding out.

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    From a designer's perspective, fonts and layouts are going to be a pretty active topic. Some of the criticisms I see on Amazon are complaints about graphics and page breaks interrupting the flow of the book on Kindle. Commented Jul 7, 2013 at 19:01

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