Sometimes, a site starts the process of actually being a Q&A site, but it ultimately doesn't make it. For some, they make it to public beta but peter out and get shut down. In that case, the user retains their "fulfillment" of their commitment. They are displayed in the profile alongside live sites, just with "closed" next to them instead of the site's lifetime/icon.

However, if the site is shut down during private beta, the fulfillment data is lost entirely. Instead, every commitment is refunded entirely independent on whether or not it was fulfilled. On the one hand, the site didn't even make it to public testing, but I argue that users who spent their time and effort to fulfill a commitment even to a site that doesn't make it past private beta, they should deserve that credit if possible.

Can we make it so that commitments that got fulfilled, rather than being discarded like the rest, are retained as fulfilled? It would retain the prevention of commitment-block that is why we nullify commitments on shutdown, but it would also properly reward those who gave their sites the effort they could muster.

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Ideally, a "commitment" should be considered fulfilled the moment they meet that criteria, and they should retain that status regardless of how the site/private beta ultimately does. Their commitment has been fulfilled.

For users who haven't (yet) fulfilled their comment when a private beta shuts down, that data should just be discarded. We simply do not know if they would have fulfilled that commitment or not. It shouldn't be counted against them.

I may just be restating your , but I wanted to clarify what happens to the average user who likely did not have time to fulfill their commitment when a site closes down.

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    This is basically restating it, yes. I don't intend to change anything for users who have not fulfilled their commitments. Only those who did qualify during the time in private beta.
    – Grace Note StaffMod
    Commented Feb 5, 2014 at 19:00
  • Embedded got shut down in private beta, and I don't think any users got recorded as fulfilling the commitment Commented Jul 9, 2014 at 19:46

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