It is now taking much longer for a site to launch. I know that SE prefers to keep the commitment fulfillment requirements vague (so it is not gamed?), but it would be nice to have some more clarification about this (does keeping it secret really helps that much? does it still make sense even after the changes made to area51 process?).

I have asked 8 questions with reasonable total votes on Judaisms but still haven't fulfilled my commitment. On the other hand, I have fullfilled my commitment to Music site with much less participation.

Maybe you need to edit the commitment fulfillment requirements for active users on other SE sites. Participating regularly (visiting the site once a week) and actively (asking a question or answering one once per week) on several sites is too much time-consuming. I am interested in the sites I am committed to, would like to see them launch, and may ask a question from time to time, but I guess this is not sufficient for committing to a site? Especially now that it takes much longer for a site to exist the beta phase. I can't understand what commitment means when SE doesn't tell me what it really means (and possibly keeps changing it from time to time?).

By the way, it is annoying to receive emails asking me to commit to a proposal while I don't have any commitments left.

  • Thanks for the explanations.
    – Kaveh
    Commented Feb 21, 2012 at 4:53

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This is no secret, they let you know exactly what you are committing to. Specifically, you are committing to asking or answering 10 questions. All that matters is that you asked/answered 10 questions, any combination is acceptable. You must also wait until the private beta is over until your commitment is credited, specifically day 2 (I think they run a batch script at the end of each day checking for commitments, but only in the public beta)

If you fail to meet your commitment, then you must wait until the public beta is over. That could be a very long time, so I suggest you try to meet your commitment...


I guess you have to ask or answer 10 questions to fulfill your commitment, plus 3 months of activity, especially in the private beta. And even though it's too crappy to wait for your committed site to launch, but it's worth to wait than to wander in a ghost town.

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