So I noticed that eBooks got into the private beta stage and clicked through the link from Area51 to check it out. The site happily let me create an account and vote on their Meta site, but... I don't seem to have a commitment to this proposal at all.

I don't actually remember if I did previously commit; I was a bit on the fence about the proposal to be honest, but I certainly can't find myself on the commits list now. Is this a bug? Is there some sort of undocumented total-SE-rep level that lets users bypass committing and get into any private beta? (Or a documented one that I was just bad at searching for?) Did the bouncer just see how stylish my 3 hats are and let me in?


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I don't know if it was officially announced, but this has been the case for the past few private betas. You could gain access to private betas through an invite anyway, so now the middleman is removed from the process.

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