Proposal: Embedded Programming and Design

Does embedded programming and design include the use and programming of a real time operating system, or is that too high level?


I think the "use" of an RTOS is more than an acceptable topic. Design/programming of one not so much, and would be better deferred to somewhere like Stack Overflow.

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    OTOH, getting an existing RTOS to work with given platform, or adding RTOS patches to a system already available for that platform should be welcome. It would normally be more of Serverfault subject except I doubt anyone there would be able to answer that family of questions. Also, basics of writing software using the RTOS features (not so much software design as RTOS API)
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    Jan 26 '13 at 23:42
  • Exactly, they're most accustomed to well-established common-place setups I'd imagine. Embedded design is hardware and software so I think it fits well. Jan 29 '13 at 7:52
  • Most peoples on Stack Overflow have their mind oriented to well written programs (like making copy of variables by using parameters instead of global variable). Such methods may not be accpetable for some 8-bits devices (I've seen an SoC with 128 bytes of RAM!(It was inside a TV remote control)). When you work with such chips, you quicly learn a single human made optimization worth many compilers ones. Apr 6 '14 at 21:44

Adapting an RTOS to work on a specific processor is very closely related to Embedded Programming and Design. Getting to grips with the peculiarities of the interrupt model of a specific processor, for example is very much embedded programming at its most fun.

  • I agree. I had this issue with trying to find our if the Raspberry Pi would be compatible with an RTOS. A good discussion in a forum like this would be useful. Sep 12 '13 at 18:37

Deciding if a RTOS question would fit into Embedded Programming and Design depends on the specific question. If it's a question about programming an good heap management it could also be a good question for Stackoverflow, but I would not decline it. As @Andrew said, a question about porting e.g. FreeRTOS to the needs of a specific controller would totally fit in Embedded Programming and Design.

Or another fitting question could be How can I get FreeRTOS to use my external RAM over [bus] for heap? This a little bit more than normal porting, and would not fit to SO or other sites.

In my opinion RTOS questions should be accepted, except it's a general programming problem (in the context of a RTOS), which can occur also in normal applications -> Stackoverflow.

Analog this should apply to questions about realtime kernel modules.

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