The TYPO3 community wants to gather all questions and answers at one place. As there are already a lot of questions in the general area tagged with TYPO3 there should be enough questions.

I tried to understand the workflow, but got lost in the FAQ for Area51 as it mentioned the way how to ask general questions but gave no hint to the link at the end of the page where you can create a new proposal.

This hint was given as a duplicate hint to this question: How to create a new proposal in Area51?

so the remaining questions are:

  • what about all the existing questions on stackexchange?
  • are they an indication for the possibility of a new area?
  • can they be moved?
  • or do they they need to be copied?

maybe there already is an answer, then it sounds like a missing part of the FAQ (like the hint to the concrete proposal link above)


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what about all the existing questions on stackexchange?
are they an indication for the possibility of a new area?

The site-proposal process (Area 51) is a vetting of ideas. The primary role of the Definition phase is to see if there is an avid community of users with a body of questions that are not already supported on another site.

As a programming interest, there are many TYPO3 questions on Stack Overflow. But as a CMS, there may be a scope of questions that do not fit on that site. Deciding if there is enough new questions and interest in building this site is what Definition will decide.

Two posts you will want to become acquainted with:

can they be moved?
or do they they need to be copied?

Hopefully neither. Questions should be asked out of actual need by the folks having the problem. But simply copying text from elsewhere misses the point of having a Stack Exchange site.

Content has ownership, and a healthy community keeps that content updated and cared for. When you dump a bunch of legacy content into a new site, you start with a foundation with essentially no ownership — the authors are long gone, usernames are greyed-out as anonymous. If you are copying your questions from another website, it has none of the vetting/voting that goes with it. If you're moving content from another Stack Exchange site, the voting no longer makes sense, meta links are broken, update notifications are non-existent… and the foundation of your site will be a collection "legacy content" which accumulates in those dustier corners you are always explaining away whenever folks notice it doesn't quite seem to "fit".

That is why we do not copy content from other sites.

When a user asks a question, they should have a reasonable expectation it will be answered. But if you create the appearance of a big site with its knowledge imported from elsewhere, it doesn't establish that the current community is capable or even willing to answer that scope of question you are (presumably) hosting on your own site.

And we never move questions from an existing Stack Exchange site unless that subject was somehow deemed off topic on the other site. See Respect the community - your own, and others’

  • the TYPO3 community lacks a place where all the questions and answers as a toolbox and documentation can be searched and reached for everyone. There is a NG/ML which got connected to a forum, but this handling is no longer up to date. While at last most questions were answered at slack, there is no searchable archive for slack. as meanwhile a lot of questions (and answers) appear on stackoverflow, now stackoverflow propably will be the place for durable questions and answers. Sep 13, 2016 at 15:00

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