I just have created a new proposal in Area 51. Behind my proposal there are some concepts that leads me to accept the idea that a stackExchange tool could be perfect for what I am about to create.

Being more specific, I have created a proposal in Democracy and Politics in portuguese - Brasil, and I think I could use Q&A stackExchange to manage ideas, instead to develop a tool from the scratch.

The concept behind is we should discuss different topics about our life in a strict location that could be for municipality or/and State or/and Federal. Could be even based on neighborhood, if a user want it, and one or more big theme, like Public Health, as example.

So, when we create a proposal we should be allowed to create at least some tags, that will guide the logical way posts should be grouped. That could help new users to better understand the owners idea.

Example: Tag - Public Health. Tag - State 1. Tag - municipality 32. Issue - In the municipality 32, the Hospital X is not available on Saturdays for pediatric care. Government says that there is no pediatric doctors to work on Saturdays. How should we propose a solution to the mayor's public health secretary?

So, is this question be more efficient tagged as Culture, health or tagged as Culture, health, public health, State 1, municipality 32?

In a scenario with a lot of questions, users that live in municipality 32, could easily understand that this questions is concerning about them. But for this I need to be able to create a tag with municipality 32, State 1, public health.

If we leave only standards tags, chances we have that the real concept will be misunderstood, chances we have that users will not use the Q&A, chances we have that proposal will not progress.

So, how could we discuss the idea to leave the option to create tags by the proposer, since the early stages?

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This would be contradictory to the proposal process. You dedicating tags to the site is easily done after the site has made it meta. This can be done by users of the community as well as yourself.

The proposal process is only to identify what kind of questions can be asked and what can not. If you will have enough member base, good question, and will be an asset to the community as a whole.

Secondly this would be a feature-request and therefore should be posted on meta.

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