I was thinking about creating a proposal on an Arch Linux Stack Exchange site. Since Arch has lots of users and is in the top DistroWatch.com Linux Distributions, I think it would be awesome. Many Arch newcomers really need help. By the way, how do I even create a proposal? I have 101 reputation points but I'm not able to find where to create one.

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There are approximately 1600 questions for Arch in Linux/Unix.

It would seem that there is a decent body of questions for the distro but perhaps not enough to support the site initially. Does it really make sense for a dedicated site to just Arch?

I believe (no facts to back up my claim here) that there is a void in the Linux/Unix and Serverfault sites for really assisting new users. I think a compelling site could be **Help for new users of Linux and Unix" in general. I believe you could get some higher level resources from ServerFault and Linux/Unix to answer questions in a more detailed fashion for new user support. Limiting to a particular distro does not seem tenable to me.

One of the mindsets that seems to go along with new proposals is a limiting of subject matter and then failure. I believe the broader the scope the higher the chance of getting into Beta followed by graduation to a full fledged site.

I would consider a broadening of the scope even though you are a lover of Arch. I've thought of creating a Motorcycle proposal but I really love Aprilia motorcycles. Even though that's my true motorcycle love and I am passionate about them, the restriction of simply Aprilia would make the proposal fail. I would need to broaden the scope to Motorcycles if I had any hope of success due to the limitations of simply Aprilia.

Again, no facts, only opinion above.

Below, is a fact, hope this helps and good luck!

You can create a new proposal by following the instructions in this meta post.

  • Thanks! But what about Ubuntu and elementaryOS? They have separate sites for them and tend to be WAY easier than Arch. Jan 11, 2016 at 18:20
  • Yes, you make a very salient point. I think the popularity of Ubuntu makes that site very doable. I think elementary OS is hurting, look at their question responses, 74%. They need some guys with rep in ServerFault and Unix/Linux to come over and assist, obviously they aren't or the response % would be better. I still stand by my belief and feel that distro based sites just make things more confusing for new users and take away from other sites. Having a new user site of Linux/Unix still seems attractive to me as having the ability to navigate the beta and get to graduation.
    – Citizen
    Jan 11, 2016 at 18:25
  • Did the meta link help?
    – Citizen
    Jan 11, 2016 at 18:25

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