There used to be a Scientology proposal on A51. I was looking to see what had happened to it, but it seems it's been deleted. I was thinking of reopening it but I'd like to know more about why the first one failed.

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The Scientology proposal was removed after four months of receiving only 8 followers and zero questions with more than 10 votes. See How long is a proposal published.

Incidentally, recent automation of the Area 51 processes has allowed us to properly close a proposal for a period of time before it is eventually removed by the Area 51 process so you could see what the closure was about. Yay!

This is how I always wanted Area 51 to work, but the sheer volume of closed and abandoned proposal made this somewhat impractical before. This is a great addition and improvement to the process and I am happy to see that go live.

Sorry about the confusion.

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