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Would the discussion of the promotion of engineering to the young fit here? Or is this purely a technical discussion forum?

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    You are free to promote the engineering, but it's not a forum neither it should be. And don't create 'Youngsters in economy' proposal, please! Commented Jan 15, 2015 at 11:23

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Yes, yes, yes. We definitely want to include all the the socio-professional issues which are such a big part of the professional engineering association agendas. I'm hoping that these professional organizations will become a big part of this site and they are very involved in the educational advancement and professional-values aspects of engineering disciplines. They should be a most welcomed part of this site.

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    I agree with @Robert, I think that it would be good to include non-technical endeavors associated with engineering. I do think we may want to create some boundary to prevent career advice or similar from surpassing the technical primary focus.
    – Ethan48
    Commented Dec 30, 2014 at 19:11

I doubt that the real answer is "yes".

Look at the 84 sample questions. All of them are technical professional questions. None are about "educational advancement and professional-values". The only non-technical question "Is there a simple distinction to specify the boundary between Science and Engineering?" is at the bottom of the pile with a total score of -1, even though that's an answerable question.

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