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This question is good in general in my opinion:

I want to learn specifically Moroccan/Maghrebi Arabic. How can I get locals to help me with their dialect rather than "proper Arabic"?

but, questions about how to get locals to help with their dialects, is not the purpose of this proposal as far as I understand, so it as I see it is close to too localized if it isn't. There is a comment under this example question which addresses this concern.

I make this new discussion to ask, can the above question and those like it fit in anyway for the site we want to build? If the answer is yes, then please provide a good explanation as to how.

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I am thinking my comment on the question was incorrect, maybe it is suited to the general discussion of Arabic, but it does also invite "travel" advice so to speak. This can create an off-topic question which results in spammy replies, maybe even advertising from certain individuals who wish to peddle such abilities.

If this question were to be on topic it would have to avoid attracting such attention.

I have been thinking really, really, reeeaaallly hard about how to answer this question in a way that would suitably provide quality content for other users or even for the asker in question.

It is very hard for multiple reasons, the main being that only a person who speaks that particular subset of Arabic, who is willing to say could, as the OP themselves admit:

Mahboubi Salim: I did try that a lot. They always said things like "No no you must learn proper Arabic!" or they just try to think of the MSA to teach me and don't even tell me it's not what they would say.

It would not be easy for a person who might even be knowledgeable in the culture to turn around and say, "Yes you can do this along with that and the result will be what you want".

Unfortunately this is a question about how to get a group of people who seemingly wish to keep their dialect to themselves to share, which is a difficult question unless you have someone from that group willing to answer and take you seriously; if they cannot in real life then how can they on the internet?

I just felt as though even though the question premise itself is good it won't fit too well in the end on a Stack Exchange site unless we can prevent the spam and get someone who actually knows what they're on about here.

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