What's to stop this site from just posting answers copied from knowyourmeme.com?

Proposal: Memes

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In my experience, it probably won't.

Some people call such questions "trivia"; I call them "general reference" questions — but without any real problem statement to be solved, this becomes little more than a collection of links or citations to libraries that already compile this stuff. We even had a close reason for such questions called [general reference].

General Reference was intended to dissuade questions which could easily be answered with a single reference to a book or site specifically designed to answer such questions, e.g. ("What is a meme?", use a dictionary), ("Who starred in Animal House?", look it up on IMDB). But ultimately we had to get rid of General-Reference closures because the use case quickly morphed into "this can be found by a Google search".

Hey, does that make "Easily Googlable" a meme itself?


It won't be, just like @RobertCartaino pointed out. But the thing is, there are sites that do the same thing as SE. For example, physicsforums, and physics.stackexchange are pretty much the same, except the former is a forum and the latter isn't. And not to mention, there's Quora. But I believe that as SE, we should try to expand this network to make it applicable almost everywhere, from removing blood stains on clothes to solving Schrodinger wave equations.

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    But the benefit of SE sites is that you can ask a question and the correct answer goes to the top, as opposed to forums where you might need to dig through lots of posts before finding the right answer. There is room for some light debate, but the main priority of the site is for a question / answer style format, and votes have the loudest voice. knowyourmeme.com already has the "answer" at the top.
    – Fodder
    Aug 2, 2017 at 4:23

If you look on Memes from the anthropological point of view, there's much more to be debated - I tried to express this with my question "Why are intellectuals connected with glasses in modern culture?"

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