Proposal: Joomla

Let it be known that Joomla! has a phenomenal collection of individuals working to keep the system standards compliant and up to date with current technologies.

There are many contributors currently engaged in an effort to make Joomla!'s core PSR compliant and sophisticated enough to use modern PHP tools like Packagist and Composer. This effort is known as the Joomla! Framework.

Please help us guide Joomla! into the next generation of the web by supporting the Joomla! Framework and this proposal.

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Official Joomla! Developer Network Listing

Is it safe to say Joomla! Framework questions will be part of the proposal?

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To answer your question......yes. The Joomla framework is a part of Joomla and thus questions regarding this are part of the proposal. Anything related to Joomla in the slightest will be part of the Proposal. The whole point of having a dedicated StackExchange site for Joomla is so that more specific questions that would normally be considered "off topic" or "too broad" can be asked as ease.


As this proposal is for beginners through to experienced and core developers, I think it goes without saying that The Joomla Framework is included!

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