Proposal: Virtualization and Cloud Computing

This proposal strikes me as covering an area already well handled by Server Fault.
The use of virtualization technology and "Cloud Computing" (Amazon EC2/EBS/Glacier, Windows Azure, etc.) is certainly within the realm of "Professional System Administration".

The non-technical users this proposal aims to server would be covered by various other sites in the network, and the "enthusiast" segment would likely be welcomed on Super User.

At the moment we have:

We also have a host of virtualization questions covering Linux KVM, VMWare, and Hyper-V.

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SF definitely covers virtualization as part of an admins POV. That does not instantly denies the more direct (or surgical) site for the specific subject (virtualization ).

There are other similar examples on the SE network, that a so called "master subject" has gotten more atomic sites to answer specific questions.

  • Not to mention that theoretically, SF is for admins only (FAQ states it) and virtualization is not an admins task only.

So - NO, it's not a duplicate of SF

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    Moreover, many questions about virtualization and cloud computing are left without answer on SF. I believe that this is because it requires really specific knowledge and skills and the audience of SF does not really match with these topics.
    – perror
    Sep 13, 2013 at 8:54

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