StackExchange has Serverfault, stackoverflow, superuser and other technology sites and they are working very well. I have also seen a proposal for virtualization and cloud computing too.

I think if StackExchange can add a "Storage Area Networking - SAN" Q&A site, that will help the following :

a) People working on Enterprise / Mid-Range storage systems
b) Administration of different Storage platforms (NetApp ONTAP, Hitachi, EMC etc.)
c) Questions about iSCSI, FC, FCOE and other technologies used in a SAN.
d) Backup related questions (Backing up in a SAN Environment) > This can be tricky as Backup and Recovery can be on its own a specific subject given the amount of data and emphasis on data integrity and retention.

This proposed place can serve as a community for people working with famous storage vendors and technologies and vendor neutral questions and answers.

I hope I have submitted this the right way to propose a StackExchange site, if not please let me know and I shall do the needful - thanks


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The proper way to propose a site is to start on the home page: Area 51 Proposals.

Pick a category to the left and scroll to the bottom.

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