Proposal: Bioacoustics

We have many folks that are "Unregistered Users" from the Commit stage - will they still be invited to the private beta, or do they need to fix their registration and commit before that starts (next week!)

It sounds like we can still invite people after Private Beta has started, but could a moderator confirm that I am understanding that correctly?

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Private betas are no longer access restricted, at least not very strictly.

If a user doesn't receive an invite link for whatever reason, all they need to do to access the private beta is click on the "Visit" link directly on the Area 51 proposal and they will be allowed to join. They do not need to have committed to the proposal beforehand or even have an account on Area 51.

Additionally, there is an invitation system that allows sending invite links to specific people without them needing to go through the Area 51 pages first. As far as I know, unregistered users should still receive such a link automatically.

  • great, thank you!
    – selene
    Commented Jun 7, 2022 at 14:08

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