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I got my first job in the IT industry in 1996 as a Systems Engineer / Network Admin.

Later on I narrowed this area towards specializing in Information Security as a Security Consultant and TCP/IP Instructor
at a course & certification facility in Oslo.

In 2012 I switched careers to do full-time Software Development and Engineering tasks as a Systems Developer.

I've always been a hard-core learning addict, I need to learn something new every day, so the last 20+ years or so in various parts of the IT industry has given me broad experience, something I hope will benefit my contributions to the Stack Exchange Network.

I got hooked on computers when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64, and since then computers and programming has continued to fascinate me.

I started with Basic then learned C, C++, C# and Python.

These days, Python, Flutter and Dart takes up most of my time.

Stack Overflow Rocks! 🤘

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