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As a lifelong geek, I’ve seen it all! I know the thrill of finding that diamond in the rough. I’ve seen far too many incredibly vapid products become success stories. Want to know what the difference is between these two things?

Making a great product requires skill. Selling that great product requires a different skill.

If people have trouble figuring out what you have? If people have trouble what it can do for them? They’ll buy someone else’s product. If they buy it, but have trouble figuring out how to use it? They’ll switch to someone else’s product.

My job is to make it clear what you do and what you offer. Ever heard of the 10x “rockstar” programmer? The one that produces 10x the output of everyone else? User experience (UX) designers produce 2x-100x return on investment (ROI). Imagine what you could do with 100x of what you have now…

  • I’m a UX Designer.
  • I know how to code.
  • I know how to communicate.
  • I know how to provide killer visuals.
  • I know how to present ideas.
  • I know how to sell.

In short, I know how to give you want you want.

I’m always looking for a new challenge. I’d love to find a company looking to take their UX to the next level. Is your company willing to pay more than lip service to user experience? Are you ready to solve your problems? Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].

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