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How is this any different than OnStartups?
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38 votes

Startup and freelance are clearly two different domains. Startup sounds to be more inclined towards a company, whereas freelance is a really small number of member team (probably 1) job. Longterm ...

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Is this proposal going to do any better than old, dead Freelance Workers proposal?
11 votes

The initial proposal Freelance Workers was landed incorrectly I guess in the Life section, and hence it didn't receive the proper attention and support from the exact community. The new one Self ...

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Questions about bollywood
2 votes

No I don't think so. I (probably many others as well) don't want to just see the site turn into a site discussing the top box office earnings of latest movies, and populate the hot questions page. ...

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Questions about National awards
1 votes

I think question asking basic information like the one I proposed Who earned the first noble prize from India ? would be in scope of the site. On similar lines, any post discussing any famous ...

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