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What can I say? I was first introduced to the topic of Linux 2 years ago by a co-worker who would have all of these great things to say about the OS. However I never took the plunge until I received a transfer and arrived at a different location in which one of my new co-workers had a little more conviction. I turned away from the Windows OS at the middle part of November 2011 starting out with Mint Linux and now I find myself on Ubuntu.

There does not seem enough time in the day to be able to get to all of the Linux resources that I would like to...in fact I think I would need a full 24 hours straight to get the kind of "fix" I need for my cravings of Linux. I have found myself to be a Forum Junkie here lately in which I just cannot get enough of researching fixes to common ailments users have with Ubuntu.

I struggle with those individuals who praise highly the likes of Windows and I am completely moved by the free open source software (FOSS). It cracks me up when I hear people talk about needing to spend this much money for that software when in the back of my mind I keep thinking about how Linux has the exact software for FREE!

Anyways, cheers to my fellow Linux users!

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