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Announcement - Changes to Area 51 Voting
38 votes

Sounds great - this is a much more intuitive voting system. My one concern is that this: might be the most awkwardly worded sentence I've ever seen. "5 up questions"? What's an "up question"? ...

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What is the reasoning behind the name change from "Professional Matters" to "The Workplace"?
Accepted answer
12 votes

When a site proposal reaches 45% commitment, it undergoes a series of checks to ensure that it's ready to move on as-is. It eliminates the last-minute gotcha issues that can prevent a site from going ...

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Is there a reason why the proposal definition was edited?
Accepted answer
7 votes

The description for the Arabic Language proposal review has been edited to match the text on all other language learning sites that have been created through Area 51. Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian,...

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Did Joel Spolsky just renounce "merging season"?
5 votes

I don't think he renounced anything. I think he committed to participate in a site about a topic he likes. Don't read into it too much. FWIW, the logic behind letting the Emacs proposal have a shot ...

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Why there is no an "Education" category?
2 votes

You're probably best off with Science or Professional, depending on which you feel makes more sense. Site taxonomy will eventually be improved... but that may be an extremely long "eventually".

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